95,735 new cases push India’s Covid-19 tally to over 44 lakh

India’s Covid tally rose to over 44L as the country registered 95,735 cases, inching closer to the grim reality of recording one lakh fresh cases in a day. Over 1,172 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

India has, over the past few weeks, seen a constant spike in the number of coronavirus disease (Covid-19)cases recorded in a single day. From around 75,000 in late August, the country is now recording more cases in 24 hours than the infection count of some of the worst-hit countries.

On Wednesday, India recorded nearly 90,000 new cases and 1,115 deaths due to Covid-19, taking the tally and death toll to 4,370,129 and 73,890 respectively.

Maharashtra, the most affected state in the country recorded 23,577 cases in 24 hours – the highest in the country. The state also registered the highest number of deaths with 380 fatalities.

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu followed Maharashtra. Total cases in 24 hours in these states are: Andhra Pradesh- 10,418, Karnataka- 9,540, UP- 6,568 and Tamil Nadu- 5,584.

The United States remains the world’s worst-affected country, with deaths exceeding 190,000 and cases exceeding 6.3 million. Brazil is in second place with more than 127,000 deaths followed by India with nearly 74,000 dead.