#5YearsOfJio: Mukesh Ambani’s Jio shares journey from Evolution to Revolution

If the history of ‘how India connects’ can be divided into two parts, it would be pre-Jio & post-Jio era.

September 5, 2021, marked 5 years since its launch. Using #5YearsOfJio the Mukesh Ambani brand published a video on social media to narrate ‘the journey from Evolution to Revolution’ in making Digital India.

Since India was acquainted with telecom and internet services in 1995, the entry of Jio has been seen by many as a revolutionary influence in the way the nation connected by making data accessible like never before. 

Global brands tweet on the ‘Jio Effect’ in making DigitalIndia 


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Mi India 

5years of fueling the Internet revolution in India! @RelianceJio, we’re glad to be friends on this mission together. May the fifth be with you! ?? #JioHazaaronSaal#5YearsOfJio 

Lionsgate Play 

Here’s to 5 years of power packed action. #5YearsofJio 


Here’s to enabling every Indian to take charge of their life and go digital! #5YearsOfJio 


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Congratulations on #5YearsOfJio and kudos to your commitment on keeping India connected 


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From asking ‘What’s the score?’ to watching it LIVE, cheers to #5YearsOfJio. 


It is just the start. Moving forward gracefully towards bigger milestones 


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#5YearsOfJio @reliancejio Ashok Leyland 

Congratulations on completing the journey of 5 years. We hope that the road ahead drives you to even more successful years, kyuki #AapkiJeetHamariJeet! #5YearsOfJio 


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Lava Mobiles 

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5 years of delightful moments and joy. Congratulations! 


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Chai Bisket 

Thank you Jio for rapidly changing the digital landscape of India 


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It’s #5YearsOfJio kicking off the mobile??internet revolution in INdia. Many Congratulations to @reliancejio 

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Mumbai Indians 

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