55 per cent patients testing positive in Chennai admitted to hospitals

Nearly 55 per cent of the patients who tested positive for coronavirus in the past two weeks in the city were admitted to hospitals for treatment in the city.

According to Greater Chennai Corporation data, in the two weeks ending 9 April, as many as 14,135 persons were tested positive in the city. Of them, 7,747 persons were admitted to hospitals, while 6,023 were under home quarantine. About 256 were in COVID care centres.

As of Sunday, 54 per cent of the beds at the Corporation’s COVID health centres were occupied. The peripheral hospitals at KK Nagar, Tondiarpet and Anna Nagar, Communicable Disease Hospital at Tondiarpet, ESI Aynavaram and KK Nagar have 840 covid beds in total. Of them, 456 beds were occupied, while 384 remaining vacant.

In the case of COVID care centres run by the Corporation at Athipattu and Victoria Hostel of Presidency College, about 95 per cent (4,8250) out of 5,170 beds remained vacant.