5 patients at Madurai hospital die after power cut

Disruption in power supply allegedly left five patients on life support dead at Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai.

However, Dean Vanitha said the patients, who were in the ICU, died of natural causes. The dean said it was a sheer coincidence that the electricity supply was disrupted at that time.

The kin of the deceased subsequently protested outside the hospital to demand action against the hospital staff. Hospital Dean Vanitha Mani, Madurai City Assistant Police Commissioner Sasi Mohan, Medical Superintendent Raja and Resident Medical Officer Sri Latha negotiated with the protesting relatives.

A preliminary report submitted by the hospital to the Health Secretary says the ventilators had battery backup and were functioning despite the power outage and generators failing.

The kin have demanded that the Tamil Nadu government look into the alleged negligence on the part of the hospital.

Vanitha, said, “All three patients were already in a critical condition. None of our ventilators faced failure due to the power cut. The generators started functioning immediately and around 7.20 pm, everything was restored to normalcy. In fact, we had 10 other patients connected to the ventilator and all of them are fine.

She added that the generators were functioning well during the one hour that power was shut from 6.20 pm to 7.20 pm on Tuesday and that none of the patients’ death was due to lack of oxygen or ventilator failure.