Over 5 lakh kids given Vitamin A drops in Chennai

Over 5 lakh kids given Vitamin A drops in Chennai

5,15,345 children were administered vitamin A supplements, in an initiative conducted by the Greater Chennai Corporation recently.

According to an official release, the Vitamin A supplementation programme was implemented from November 7 to 12 through the existing network of primary health centres, maternity hospitals and Integrated Child Development Services centres.

The female multi-purpose worker and other paramedics were responsible for administering Vitamin A solution at the centres.

Intensive drives are undertaken every six months to achieve universal coverage of those children, who could not be covered during the routine visits of health functionaries.

The National Vitamin A Deficiency Control Act was implemented in the year 1970 across seven States and by the year 1975 it was implemented all over India.

Vitamin A that is stored in liver of children decreases within 4-6 months when left unattended. Providing it to children below five years, once in six months is recommended by experts, the press note added.

This is not the first time that the Corporation is organising such initiatives. Just few days ago, the Corporation along with non-governmental organisations conducted a dengue awareness programme at the Chennai Girls Higher Secondary School which witnessed the pledge from the students that they will strive hard to eliminate mosquitoes.