42,766 fresh coronavirus reported in India

India today added 42,766 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours, slightly lower than yesterday’s 43,393 cases. Kerala leads the states with most number of cases in a day. The country has so far reported 3,07,95,716 cases and 4,07,145 deaths.

The daily positivity rate – number of positive cases identified per 100 – is 2.19 per cent, less than 3 per cent for 19 straight days. Recovery rate stands at 97.20 per cent.

From 911 Covid deaths yesterday, the number today has shot up to 1,206. Total deaths in the country due to Covid are at 4,07,145.

Kerala with 13,563 fresh Covid cases leads the states in most number of infections over a 24-hour period. It is followed by Maharashtra (8,992), Tamilnadu (3,039), Karnataka (2,290).

The centre has warned against laxity in following Covid-appropriate behaviour, with particular reference to disquieting visuals from the past few days of large crowds at popular holiday and tourist destinations. The Health Ministry has described the situation as “cause for concern”, and reminded people the virus spreads aggressively in crowded places.