4 killed while crossing railway track near Chetpet station

4 killed while crossing railway track near Chetpet station

Tragedy struck four unsuspecting labourers as they were run over by an electric multiple unit (EMU) train while jaywalking on the railway track near the Nungambakkam railway station here on Wednesday.

he government railway police (GRP) were able to identify only one of the four as the rest did not carry any ID proof.

“We found a photocopy of a voter ID which bore the name of ‘Prashant Karat’ from Koraput in Orissa. He also had a diary with a lot of phone numbers. We will call them to contact his family,” said inspector of the zone Saravana Kumar. “We think all of them were friends and knew each other,” he added.

While three people died on the spot, one person, who was seriously injured, was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

“They did not have a train ticket, so they could not have come by train,” said Inspector Saravana Kumaran.

This is the second train mishap in as many days. On Tuesday, a toddler died when her mother tried to get off a train that had begun moving after a two-minute halt at Mambalam station.

“The wall is to prevent unauthorised entry to the tracks but someone or the other keeps breaking it to gain access,” said deputy superintendent of police for GRP M Ravi Kumar.