17-year-old girl set on fire by stalker dies

17-year-old girl set on fire by stalker dies

After battling for life for over three days, a minor girl, who was set ablaze by a stalker in her house on Saturday, died at JIPMER on Wednesday.

Senthil (32), a driver in a private transport company, had been following teenage Naveena for a year. He then met with a train accident in which he lost his right arm and right leg.

Senthil, under the assumption that Naveena was rejecting his love because of his injuries, planned to attack her. On July 30, Senthil hid outside Naveena’s house and waited for her parents to leave.

He then entered from the house from the rear door and threatened her brother and sister with a knife. Senthil first tried to set Naveena ablaze, but failed. He then poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire and then attacked Naveena.

The girl sustained over 70 per cent burns and had been in a critical condition at JIPMER. As soon as the news of the girl