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Visaranai Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Tamil Movie Visaranai Review by Chennaivision

Interesting, Intriguing, Intimidating


Pandi (Attakathi Dinesh) works in a provision store in Andhra Pradesh. He, along with his friends, stay in a park during night. All of them had come to AP for work.

One morning, all four friends are picked up by a police team led by a wicked inspector (Ajay Ghosh). They are subjected to immense torture by the police, who want them to agree to a crime that they did not

In the meantime, a Chennai police team headed by Murugavel (Samuthirakani) rescues them from AP and bring them to a police
station in Tamil Nadu.

At a time when they are eagerly waiting to breathe the air of freedom, they witness a high profile custodial death. This puts them in a fresh but bigger fix. Did they manage to escape or not forms the crux.


No other Tamil film has detailed custodial torture like Visaranai did, and kudos to Vetrimaran for that. After the award winning Aadukalam, the director has taken five years for the film, and the wait is worth.

Visarani has already won many awards in international film festivals and we can realise the reasons while watching the movie. The first half races ahead with gut-wrenching scenes and the second half
provokes a sense of fear and anger in the audience.

Attakathi Dinesh, Murugadoss, Samuthirakani, Kishore have presented a power packed performance. Anandhi is also there in a good role. The likes of Ramadoss and Ajay Ghosh too have performed well.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar is gripping, while S Rama Lingam’s cinematography touches the heart. Kishore’s editing is a big strength.

Visaranai, based on a novel titled Lock up, written by M Chandra Kumar, an auto rickshaw driver in Coimbatore, is raw and real without any commercial compromises. Thumbs up to (producer) Dhanush and Vetrimaran.

Rating: Good