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Oyee Tamil Movie Review

Oyee Tamil Movie Review

Rural Routine

Oyee Tamil Movie Review


Swetha (Eesha) comes out of Trichy prison on parole to attend the wedding of her elder sister (Neelima Rani) and catches a bus to Chennai. He co-passenger is Krish (Geethan) the scion of a Pannaiyar family who travels to Chennai to meet his lover Gayathri (Babri Gosh).

In an unconvincing turn of events, Swetha ends up with Krish’s ancestral necklace, though he remains unaware of this! So, she goes to Krish’s village to return the necklace, but his family members mistake her for their soon-to-be daughter-in-law, as they see her wearing the necklace. They are so affectionate towards her and start admiring her beauty and innocence, and do not give her a chance to reveal the truth.

Swetha learns from her sister that someone is trying to kill her, she uses the mistaken identity and stays in Krish’s home for safety during the parole period. After Krish’s return, the entire family refuses to believe his words and compel him to accept Swetha as his wife.

Meanwhile, Krish takes up the challenge of participating in a ‘silambu’ competition posed by another prominent family in the town for the village festival. Also, there is unexpected arrival of Gayathri to his home.


Francis Markus, the director of Oyee could be a great choice to author a book called How to Make a Tamil Village Film in a Templated Way. For, the movie, which has an interesting knot and cool visuals, is too predictable.

Actors Sangili Murugan and Arjunan, who essay characters who are part of the family, try hard to evoke laughter in several scenes, but in vain. Nagineedu as the head of the family is apt, while Neelima Rani’s character as Eesha’s sister makes a blink-and-miss appearance. The effort taken by Geethan in learning the basics of silambam deserves mention.

Despite these shortcomings the film cannot be completely written off. Francis does show promise with a few well written scenes that come up with an unexpected turn here and there.

Baskaran’s dialogues are interesting at places, while Yugaran’s cinematography is good. Maestro Ilayaraja’s fans will be in for disappointment. Manikandan’s editing is adequate.

On the whole, Oyee is a rural routine subject that comes with an interesting knot but an outdated script. But there are some good scenes which save the face.

Verdict: Average

Director: Francis Markus
Music: Isaignani Ilayaraaja
Cast: Geethan Britto, Eesha, Papri Ghosh, Arjunan Nandhakumar, Sangili Murugan, Nagineedu, Neelima Rani, Nandha Saravanan, Varsha Kumar, Karathe Raja, Tamil selvi
Pro: Nikil Murugan