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Nayyapudai Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Nayyapudai Tamil Movie Review

Beating around the bush

Nayyapudai Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


Velusamy (S A Chandrasekar) is an ex-serviceman with a past. After retirement, he leads a happy life. One day, a bus is hijacked by baddies and his heroic acts save the passengers. This earns him admiration of many.

In the meantime, he comes across a journalist Vijayakumar (Pa Vijay) and both become friends. Both share similar ideas about society and feel the need to reform it.

They come across a corrupt police officer Sathyamurthy (M S Baskar) and a local rowdy Baby Anaconda (Rajendran). They decide to take on the cop and the goon and how they do it by combining ‘military power and media power’ is what Naiyyapudai is all about.


Veteran filmmaker S A Chandrasekar, who has donned the greasepaint to play the lead role in Naiyyapudai, has taken pains to perform stunt sequences. While his efforts at this age are laudable, the film with a cliched plot and unimpressive scenes fail to strike a chord.

Lyricist Pa Vijay, who already has acting experience in films such as Ilaignan, Gnabagangal and the recent Strawberry, plays a journalist who has the urge within him to do good to the society. He emotes well.

Naan Kadavul Rajendran, M S Baskar and Aadukalam Naresn, as usual, have delivered solid performance. The film starts on a promising note but loses steam as things progress.

Execution and narration could have certainly been better.  The movie tries to convey a message that if your mind is fit and agile, you can do anything under the sun. Considering that this is the debut movie of young director Vijay Kiran, Naiyya Pudai can be digested.

Verdict: Average

Director: Vijaya Kiran
Music: Taj Noor
Cast: Pa. Vijay, Chandini Tamilarasan, S. A. Chandrasekhar, Viji Chandrasekhar, Rajendran, M. S. Bhaskar