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Mudinja Ivana Pudi Tamil Movie Review

Already caught

Mudinja Ivana Pudi Tamil Movie Review


We have Sathyam (Sudeep) and Shiva (Sudeep. While one is an innocent guy (Satya), the other is a cunning thief (Shiva) in the guise of a soft spoken real estate dealer.

The cops do not believe the existence of two people and suspect the hero and villain to be one. Are the police right in their belief? Are Shiva and Sathyam the same person? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story of Mudinja Ivanai Pudi.


If you feel that the story very much sounds like Ajith starrer Villan helmed by the same Ravikumar, we are sorry, but you have to blame the director for that.

Yes, Villan and Mudinja Ivanai Pudi have many similarities. However at the same time, the duo of Ravikumar and Sudeep also ensure that you get your enough dosage of entertainment, as the film is a racy thriller.

The scenes are popular and familiar. But most of them manage you to make you sit on the edge of the seat. Nithya Menen has a strong role and she performs it with ease.

Imman’s songs would have been enjoyable, had they not been so forcibly inserted. Rajarathinam’s cinematography sticks to the formula, but also plays to the gallery. Despite its clichedness, Mudinja Ivanai Pudi is a timepass entertainer.

Verdict: Average