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Gethu Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Gethu Tamil Movie Review

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Gethu Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


Sethu (Udhayanidhi Stalin) runs a library. He is a pure vegetarian and teetotaler. His father (Sathyaraj), a physical instructor, is honest, upright and fights for rights.

As the latter opposes a wine shop, its owners (Mime Gopi, I M Vijayan) get angry over him. One day, Mime Gopi is found dead and the blame falls on Sethu’s father.

Following this, Sethu jumps into action to rescue his dad. In the process, he comes across Bull (Vikranth), a sniper, whose motto is to kill India’s most wanted scientist.

Did Sethu manage to save his father and stop Bull from achieving his mission is the rest of Gethu. In the meantime, Sethu also has a romantic episode with a beautiful girl (Amy Jackson), who comes to the library.


The film has an interesting subject, no doubt. But the way things are exectued are not up to the mark. Especially, the crime elements are kiddish and the film moves in a slow pace, which is not at all advisable for this genre.

Udhayanidhi has tried his best to establish himself as an action hero, but he has miles to go. Sathyaraj is terrific in his dad’s role once again. Amy Jackson looks alien, while Vikranth is menacing and sends the chill down the spine.

Sukumar’s cinematography is the real hero of Gethu, as it gives the movie an international look and feel. Harris Jayaraj’s background score is racy, while his songs are average.

The film has its own moments too and they are enjoyable indeed. But overall, Gethu is an average film. Director Thirukumaran could have infused it with more pace and racy elements.

Verdict: Average

Director: Thirukumaran
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Sathyaraj, Amy Jackson, Vikranth, Karunakaran, Mime Gopi, Avinash David, Anuradha Raja
Pro: Nikil Murugan