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24 Tamil Movie Review

24 Tamil Movie Review

Good times

24 Tamil Movie Review


Sethuraman (Suriya), a scientist, develops a time machine. But he has a villain at home, as his brother Athreya (another Suriya) wants to get hold of the invention to control time.

But Sethuraman and his wife Priya (Nithya Menen), along with their infant son Mani (who grows up as another Suriya), manage to escape from the evil designs of Athreya.

Though they get killed in the process, they hand over their son to one Sathya Bama (Saranya Ponvannan). Cut to the present, Mani is now a happy youngster whose job is to repair watches.

He gets the key for a watch case, which leads him to the time machine. With its help, he also woos Sathya (Samantha). In the meantime, Athreya wakes up from coma and comes in search of the watch and Mani.

Now the onus is on Mani to teach Athreya a lesson and even to get his father and mother back to life, all with the help of the time machine.


It’s a great hunt for the performer in Suriya, as he shines bright in all three characters. But the real winner is director Vikram Kumar, whose script and execution stand tall in 24.

Especiall, the interval block is superb and kudos to Vikram, Suriya and team. Samantha and Nithya Menen have performed well, while Saranya Ponvannan is apt for her role.

Thiru’s cinematography is stunning, be it outdoor or indoor scenes. Oscar-Grammy winner A R Rahman’s music changes the mood in sync with the scenes on the screen. But for certain repeated things and slight confusion, ’24’ is a product of honesty, hard work and determination.

Verdict: Good

Director: Vikram Kumar
Music: A. R. Rahman
Cast: Suriya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen, Girish Karnad, Ajay, Saranya Ponvannan, Charle, Saranya Ponvannan, Sudha, Sathyan, Appukutty, Mohan V. Raman
Pro: John Johnson