Simran with Aravind Swami

Simran with Aravind Swami

Aravind Swami’s next ventue Vanangamudi, which is being helmed by Selva, will have Simran in a key role.

The film bankrolled by Magic Box Production House’s Ganesh has Rithika Singh as heroine. And Simran is doing a pivotal role.

“Simran is getting connected with the movie by portraying a police officer’s role,” said a press release.

The cast also includes Nanditha, Thambi Ramaiah, Chandhini, Hasini, Harish Uththaman, Naagi Needu, Raj Kapoor, Ramesh Pandit, OAK Sundar playing predominant roles.

With DOP by Gokul, Music by D.Imman, Editing by Antony and Art by Shiva Yadav, the movie is expected to be called for a great project, it added.

“The movie would certainly bag more appreciation and definitely would gain success at the box office business for the bunch of talents grouped as cast and crew.”

Meanwhile, the wrong hearsay about the title of the movie as “Vanangamudi” is completely denied by the team also the movie is to be entitled officially in short notice of time.