Rajini sir is fit and fine: Lyca head

Rajini sir is fit and fine: Lyca head

Rajini sir is fit and fine: Lyca head,After a fan page of director Shankar in Facebook claimed that Superstar Rajinikanth went ill because of shooting for 2.0 and there were also reports that the project might be shelved, Lyca Productions, which is bankrolling the film, has come out with a clarification.

Raju Mahalingam, the creative head of the production house producing the film, rubbished all the rumours. He said: “Recently, I spoke to Rajini sir. He is quite hale and hearty, and will be joining the 2.0 team for shooting, in August.”

The top official of London-based Lyca further stated: “All reports regarding his health are untrue. We are planning to resume shooting in August.”

The Facebook page said: “People will simply say 2.O is Graphics ! But only the team knows how much actors are hardworking. There is a Costume for ROBO Rajini in 2.O. The Weight Of that costume is 40kg!”

“Rajinikanth used to wear that costume and he used to run, jump & do stunts too wearing the costume in VERY HOT Climate. And this made little disturbances to his health & he went on a treatment and now he is Ready to the next schedule .

Vayasaachu….. Side role, guest role nu nadichu apdiye cinema va vittu poiruvaaru nu nenachaya da…..Thalaivar da….65+ vayasula ASIA BoxOffice KING da…” it added.