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ULFA leader Chetia wants to return to India: daily  
Soon, laser device to measure blood sugar levels  
Kapil Sharma to shoot for Abbas-Mustan's film in November  
Help fulfil vision of 'housing for all': PM tells IITs  
Building collapses in Srinagar, 6 rescued  
Canadian gaming start-up to launch India operations  
Tajikistan to play football friendly against Belarus  
Decoded: How hummingbirds detect sweetness  
Indian-American educator to help India with hospital management (Health Feature)  
Irom Sharmila again arrested in Manipur   
NASA plans to send rats to space for longer duration  
Say cheese if you want a mouth-watering pizza  
OPEC daily basket price closes 49 cents lower  
Daniel Radcliffe learning Japanese  
Rihanna obtains restraining order  
Are you suffering from smartphone-loss anxiety disorder?  
Thanks to low sex ratio, 600-year-old tradition done away with  
Ghagra, Rapti above danger mark  
Britney Spears 'fed up' of father's control  
Kerala readies new liquor policy  
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