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Shootout near Canadian parliament, soldier dead   
Syrian Air Force destroys old war jets captured by IS  
14 killed, 65 injured in Iraq bomb attacks  
Barack Obama condemns 'outrageous' attacks in Canada  
Obama invites Afghan president, chief executive to Washington  
Khamenei wants less reliance on oil  
Kenya to train 30,000 health workers on Ebola  
Nigerian parliament approves $1 bn loan to fight Boko Haram  
Kanye's love for Kim beyond words  
When Nicole Scherzinger jumped out of a moving car  
Ed Sheeran has no hard feelings against Niall Horan  
S Club 7 reunite for a charity show  
Modi condemns Canadian capital shootout as 'extremely disturbing'  
Canada soldier killed in shootout near parliament, gunman shot dead   
Germany pledges additional five mn euros to fight Ebola  
CBI arrests Railway Board official in bribe case   
Modi's second round of radio address Nov 2  
Two Indian-American cardiologists to pay $380,000 for fraud  
Ukraine lacks sufficient gas for winter: PM  
Three foreigners frozen to death in Turkey  
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