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US based EcoSikh asks Sikhs to fight climate change  
Sri Lanka hasn't asked for help for its reconciliation bureau: UN spokesman  
Obama names Indian American Richard Rahul Verma as envoy to India  
Rio Olympic village 50 percent complete: Officials  
Brazil, Colombia rise in FIFA rankings  
Thousands evacuated in Philippines amid massive floods  
Why didn't Katie be Katona's bridesmaid?  
Gaga shocks with outrageous act at airpot  
Kristen Wigg dating Scott Speedman?  
Anti-terror raids not against Muslim community: Abbott  
Russia, Serbia are brotherly nations: Serbian president  
Parliamentarians urges EU to cut off IS resources  
Nigerian troops capture Boko Haram leader  
13 killed in bomb attacks in Iraq  
Undelivered aid commitments hamper progress on MDGs: UN report  
Israel not to tolerate 'drizzle' of rockets: PM  
Security ramped up after terror plot on Australian Parliament revealed  
Scottish referendum polls end, huge turnout reported  
Obama pledges diplomatic resolution of Ukraine crisis  
US Senate approves plan to train, arm Syrian rebels  
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