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Voting starts in Bihar for LS, assembly  
Voting starts in Assam  
Balloting starts in Kashmir's Anantnag  
West Bengal votes  
Polling begins in Jharkhand  
Balloting starts in Rajasthan  
Voting starts in Maharashtra  
Balloting begins in Puducherry  
Chhattisgarh goes to polls  
Madhya Pradesh votes for LS, assembly  
Voting begins in Tamil Nadu  
Pentagon hails maritime guidelines for Pacific region  
Ear implant may help regrow auditory nerves: Study  
Cuba's oldest pro baseball player dies at 102  
Korean ferry sinking: Death toll rises to 159  
Little progress made in bridging digital gap: WEF  
Stepmom accuses Oprah of being controlling racist  
Debris washed ashore not from MH370: Official  
Honduran police seize 743 kgs of cocaine  
Electric toothbrush prompts bomb scare at US airport  
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