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Molecule that causes rheumatoid arthritis discovered  
Researchers replicate movement in muscle grown from rat cells  
EU increases aid to fight Ebola in Africa to $1.27 bn  
Husband of slain Brazilian police commissioner confesses to crime  
Hundreds of thousands of Ebola vaccines to be ready in 2015: WHO  
Ailing Kerala assembly speaker leaves for US  
Kenyan soldiers kill over 80 militants in Somalia  
Over 824,000 people displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN  
US nurse with Ebola to be discharged from hospital  
IS abducts Iraqi journalists as its positions get bombed   
Ethiopia to deploy 210 health workers in Ebola-hit West Africa  
Special police teams in Hyderabad for women's safety  
Harsh Vardhan offers to help Pakistan fight polio  
Bangalore school secretary arrested in child rape case  
Two-year-old girl raped in Meghalaya  
Students brainstorm on global issues in Shillong  
Bombs hurled at police in Bengal, three injured  
India, China form Asian Infra Investment Bank   
Centre turns down SSTL's FDI proposal  
CBI registers PE against JSPL for mining in forest land  
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