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Five killed in Afghan road accident  
Get cat eye look - a la celebrities  
President, PM pay tribute to Indira Gandhi   
IED defused in Shopian district  
Strategy to prevent cyber crime on anvil: Rajnath Singh   
President congratulates Pankaj Advani  
Sensex, Nifty hit record highs for second consecutive day   
Radcliffe's favourite 'Harry Potter' character? Sirius Black  
Modi receives some of Sardar Patel's personal belongings  
World Bank aid for power projects in northeast  
Selflessness is gift of motherhood: Olivia Wilde  
Soria named coach of Bolivian national team  
Myanmar starts first multilateral domestic talks  
Union Carbide ex-chief Warren Anderson is dead   
Bollywood is getting more sophisticated: Hollywood's Michael Hoffman (IANS Interview)  
ICC chief greets Nepal, Uganda for moving up in world league  
When death ruled the streets of Delhi (30 years after Indira Gandhi's assassination)  
Militants threaten to behead Malaysian captive  
Low key birthday celebrations for Chandy  
Australians looking for surrogate mothers in India denied visas  
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