Madhavan breaks silence on TN political silence

Madhavan breaks silence on TN political silence

Replying to Kamal Haasan, who urged him to speak out on Tamil Nadu politics’ present situation, Madhavan has said TN should set an example to the world.

“Sir we have always discussed how TN should be the BEST state in the world leave alone India with the talent and potential we have we are. We should have been an example to the world,” he said.

“All it needs is the right intent and the right leadership to harness that volcanic expertise,” he added.

“This is the time to make sure that we nudge it in the right direction..the whole state needs to believe that and make themselves heard and I am very sure that will happen as this the Right time.. speak up folks .. this is YOUR time to be heard,” he concluded.

On his part, Aravind Swami said: “This is not a kingdom, there are no heirs. We only want someone to SERVE the people. We don’t want rulers.”

He added: “If the MLAs who are ‘free’ now claim that they were coerced and detained against their wishes, they must go to court and present their side.”