Dr.Mariazeena Johnson-Most Proficient Educational Bagged The Women Transforming Award in India

In an attire of winning awards, Dr.Mariazeena Johnson, Director of Sathyabama University apprehended Women Transforming India award. NITI AAYOG, in collaboration with MyGov and the UN in India had organized the ‘Women Transforming India’ contest.  The primary aim was to make heard lesser-known stories that celebrate the indomitable spirit of women who have made a difference. The contest was launched to mark the celebration of International Women’s Day, 2016.

Citizens were invited to nominate inspiring success stories of women change-makers, in the form of essays. The focus of these stories was on women breaking new ground, empowering communities and challenging stereotypes in areas inclusive but not limited to, Economical, Social, Cultural, and Health and Environmental issues. From nearly 1000 entries, 25 entries were shortlisted and put to poll on My Gov from 16 April to 22 May, 2016. The jury constituted by NITI Aayog, selected top 12 change makers in India.

Dr. Mariazeena, an iconic feminist, is the one and only women selected from Tamilnadu for the award as a revolutionary educationist.   As an ingenious approach in education, every year in Sathyabama University 500 seats are offered towards inclusive education to the disabled & children of army jawans, acid victims and sports students. Her philanthropic activities include various exclusive programmes for visually challenged and under privileged children, adoption of HIV affected children, My Saturday University, Govt. School – Adoption programme, Village Adoption programme.

Recently she was bestowed with the # 100 women initiative in the category of education by the Union Ministry of Women & Child Development and had an opportunity to interact and host lunch with the President, Pranab Mukerjee on January 22, 2016.

Her enlivening speech always motivates the younger generation to reach heights. She is an  incredible go-getter with full of positive attitude defined the meaning of “NO” to “Next Opportunity” and changed the attitude of many of her followers to keep the options open by looking for opportunities. A great humanitarian and a social reformer who is easily approachable and ready to extend her hands to help people who desire. Her contribution in taking higher education to the under-privileged students is a commendable one.

The winners will be felicitated by NITI AAYOG and the United Nations in an event on 9th September 2016 at New Delhi, and may also win a chance to directly interact with policy makers of the Government.

The NITI AAYOG, UN and MyGov congratulate all the winners of the Women Transforming India Awards!